Dear Friend,

When I was young, the first passion I had was wanting to cook delicious and nutritious foods for my loved ones. Then reading valuable books was the second interest I always wanted.

It wasn’t easy for me to collect books to read, because they were too expensive to have.

Therefore, I always dreamed of having a restaurant when I grew up, then I would select useful books to share with my clients.

Believe it or not, they’re some people who still think that the body and mind are two different objects. With my own experience, both body and mind are of one.

Other than being interested to provide nutritious foods for the body. I also wanted to do one more thing… giving  valuable food for the mind too.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to join my BOOK CLUB NOW … 

To JOIN Book Club of PHỞ MAI  is very SIMPLE & EASY. You only need to order:

A bowl of XLARGE Pho

Priced at $ 15.95

You will receive a book worth $10.95 and up for FREE.

Which restaurant owners have “weird thoughts” like this one? However, I still want to do it any ways.

My biggest wish for all my loyal clients is to always have a healthy body with a bright mind.


You will definitely be hooked for life !!!   

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